Friday, September 13, 2013

Youth Sports Post: Primed

It's football time. Here's to all the high school athletes and their parents out there across the country. Have a safe and successful season.

Isaiah, our sixteen-year-old, had his first game last week. He's number 24 this year, and is playing running back and linebacker.

He's a junior this year, and this football season has added significance in that he had to miss all of last year because of a torn ACL. He downplays it, but he did just what Adrian Peterson and other pro athletes are being lionized for: he overcame the injury and came back stronger and better than ever.

He wants to make up for lost time. He punched in one of the touchdowns in a big win last week, and he's primed for tonight's game.

I'm his official videographer, looking toward the day when he'll be submitting highlight reels to colleges and universities. And I gotta say, I'm primed, too.

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