Thursday, January 2, 2014

This Is a Fishing Blog...

This is a fishing blog, but, as another fisherman asked me the other day about life in general, "What do you do when the river's frozen over?"

Exactly. Not a problem for many people, but for fly fishermen of a certain temperament an existential crisis. And for a fishing blogger, a big challenge.

But there are things you can do. Believe it or not. 

One thing you can do, on the blogging side, is spend more time surfing the web looking for interesting tidbits of art or info that might be of interest to others. That can result in some amazing finds--or lots of filler.

Another thing you can do is catch up on other important aspects of life. There are other important aspects of life. You know, like kind of thing. That's good, but let's face it--it's not fishing.

You can also busy yourself with fishing-related activities like, oh, fly tying, for example. You could also clean all your rods and reels and lines, repair and organize all your equipment, and sort and organize all your flies. Which I'll probably get around to after the fly tying. Once I get started on the fly tying.

And, of course, you can keep an obsessive a close watch on the weather and hope for a good, strong Chinook.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Another thing you can do is carefully weigh your fishing options. Your realistic fishing options.  Oh sure, it would have been nice to be wading the flats on a hot, tropical island all this week, but that ain't going to happen. And it would be nice to get a swing or two in on the local river, but that ain't going to happen anytime soon, either.

But I do have an option that actually falls into the realm of possibility. That would be a trip to the nearest spring creek. I'm fortunate to have one just an hour and a half away: Rocky Ford Creek.

In years past the very earliest I have gone is February, but it seems that a January trip this year could be good for everybody concerned.

And what do you know, we're having a bit of a Chinook this week. The river is still frozen, but the snow is gone, and the temperature at Rocky Ford Creek could break 40 degrees tomorrow. So the morning will find me on the road heading south.

Next post will be fishing photos, and--if all goes according to plan--fish photos. In the meantime, I've been reminiscing about last year's Rocky Ford trout....

So wish me luck, and maybe it will be awhile before I have to post another trout puzzle.

Rocky Ford Rainbow puzzle on
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  1. That's why NCT is abut fishing and some other stuff. Leaves you a little wiggle room.