Monday, January 27, 2014

The Eagle Tree

The ice has broken up in the main channel and most of the river is accessible again. I went out behind our house this afternoon to take a closer look.

The river level looks lower than before the freeze-up, and I think I might be able to slip in right here and find enough gravelly bottom to move around some. Oh hey, look at the eagle tree.

That's a lot of eagles. I've seen four or five at a time from our kitchen window before this, both adults and juveniles, so I figured it was an eagle family. But it looks like all the in-laws are here, too.

There are eight in the tree, but I counted at the same time three more in trees downstream, and two more upstream.

I believe that's the most Balds I've ever seen at one time, anywhere. Here's how I look at it: seems like there must be enough fish in the river right now to support them all, or they wouldn't be here.

I'll be testing that theory just as soon as I can grab some time to wander down behind the house, try out that new access point, and cast a line under the Eagle Tree.


  1. From the looks of that ice, you've been pretty cold there.
    Good to see the thaw.

  2. I'm betting that water is going to be might chilly.