Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dude, Check This Out: Fishing Music

When you can't fish, listen to music about fishing. Or when you can fish, play this on the way.

This collection, produced by Ben Winship and David Thompson, and released in 2003 by Snake River Records in Victor, Idaho, is "a spirited mix of songs and tunes inspired by fish, fishing, and rivers, performed by some of the country's finest acoustic musicians." There's something here for everyone, and when it's good, it's very, very good.

Here are my favorites.

"Upstream" David Thompson
Matt Flinner -- Mandolin
David Grier -- Guitar
Rob Ickes -- Dobro
Jason Thomas -- Fiddle
David Thompson -- Bass
"Ocean of Dreams" David Thompson and Ben Winship
Tim O'Brien -- Vocal
Reina G. Collins -- Harmony Vocal
Ben Winship -- Mandolin, Bouzouki, Percussion
Leo McCann -- Button Box
Mark Dunlop -- Low Whistle, Tin Whistle
David Thompson -- Bass
"Fly Fishing (Peche a la Mouche)" Django Reinhardt
Mike Dowling -- Guitars
Billy Novick -- Clarinet
Ben Winship -- Mandolin
David Thompson -- Bass
"Madison Brown" B. Winship, D. Thompson, and J. Lowell
John Lowell -- Vocal, Guitar
Ben Winship -- Harmony Vocal, Mandolin
David Thompson -- Harmony Vocal, Bass
"The Wicker Creel" Traditional
Leo McCann --Button Box, Tin Whistle
Mark Dunlop -- Bodhran, Low Whistle
Karine Polwart -- Guitar
Ben Winship -- Mandola

"Banks of the Moorlough Shore" Traditional
Karine Polwart -- Vocal
Rob Ickes -- Dobro
Ben Winship -- Bouzouki
Leo McCann -- Low Whistle
Mark Dunlop -- Bodhran

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