Thursday, March 6, 2014

Family Post: Riding the Rocket

My daughter posted these photos this week of sledding with my granddaughter Iris. I wondered why Iris was crying in the first picture. Was she afraid?

So then Laura posted this photo. This was Iris's first run, just before the photos above. I can picture the excitement and delight on her face as she climbs trustingly onto the lap of her parent and they begin the descent. And then, in a horrifying flash, blinding speed, and this blinding baptism of snow--the full, in-your-face initiation to the joys of sledding. I have to wonder what Iris's expression is under that stinging plume of snow. But it's probably better that I can't see it--it would break my heart.

And it happened in a place called Rocket Park.

No wonder she was crying. But then, bless the child, she stopped crying and went down the hill again.

Keep riding that rocket, sweet girl.

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