Saturday, March 15, 2014

Road Trip: The Methow

I hit the road on Friday and drove for awhile along the Columbia to the mouth of the Methow.

I headed up the Methow. I had to pass by a few good spots that already had fishermen in them. But I knew about this spot, and it was deserted.

In January 2011 I had come up here exploring one frigid day as a cure for cabin fever. This is what I found then.

And this is what I found on Friday.

It was a gorgeous day. The river was perfect. I worked over the same rocky run several times with different flies. Prototypes One and Two got a shot. So did some small, dark stoneflies, and a pretty little black and white streamer. It was great fishing.

I finished up looking upstream and wondering what was around that bend...

And then looking downstream and wondering the same thing.

The day had everything except fish. But that may come. I'll certainly be back to try again.

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  1. Nice looking water. Sorry you didn't get anything, but there is always next time.