Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No Skeleton Crew?

My kids rounded up a canoe from a friend. We're thinking of taking Iris out for her first canoe ride this afternoon. Probably take the rod along.

The problem is the thunderstorms. It's beautiful this morning, but storms rolled through last night, and more are predicted this afternoon just when everybody gets off work. Laura is nervous enough about having her little girl in a canoe without adding the threat of wind shear and lightning. So we may not get to be the skeleton crew after all.

No worries, though. We have a backup plan for my last evening here: a trip to a warm, dry, safe children's museum.

So tomorrow I hit the friendly skies. It's been cold back home, but the weather service is calling for a spike into the 80's on Thursday and Friday. Look for me on the water. Next post should be the first Trout Lake Report of the year.

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