Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trout Lake Report: Follow the Sun

It was a busy weekend, and a wet one. It finally cleared up this afternoon, and I finally found some time to follow the sun to the lake.

The deer hunters and fall campers were all gone, so I had the south end to myself. The sun felt good, but the south breeze was cool.

I made a circuit working the shoreline with a new muddler.

The lake was very quiet, and my only company was a Kingfisher and a mysterious falcon.

The falcon swooped into the trees near me and sat for awhile. The Kingfisher came sweeping up, then made a three-sixty and swept away, rattling an alarm call. The falcon came off its perch and followed a little way, then came back.

So what would keep a Kingfisher on its toes? My point-and-shoot can't take a high resolution closeup, but the image I was able to come up with, along with my observations, lead me to believe that this was a Peregrine Falcon. I saw the slaty back, and the black moustaches stand out in the photo.

I completed my circuit with the muddler, then tied on the bead head micro leech and trolled for awhile.

A few rises began appearing around the lake, and I soon had some action.

I came around to the take out. It was getting dusky by then and the clouds were rolling back in. I considered calling it a day, but a few fish began rising within casting range. So I clipped off the micro leech, tied on some lighter tippet, knotted on a little mayfly dry and began to stalk risers.

I finally put the fly in the right place and got a lovely take by a lovely Rainbow.

OK, now it was time to go.

My next trip will be the one I'm taking back east to Indiana. I'm still hoping to get back to the lake before October and the season come to an end. But we'll have to wait and see.

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