Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fly Tying: And So It Goes...

The ice left sometime Tuesday night. I went out in the wee hours to check and heard geese down on the river again. I hadn't heard or seen any since the freeze up. In the morning I looked out and saw the river flowing free again.

Just some motion in the scenery again was a relief.

Unfortunately, my best window for fishing was Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday had obligations. I didn't even take a picture of the river. Thursday will have obligations as well.

So Friday is my next target. It looks like the weather will cooperate. Maybe the fish will, too.

And who knows what the window will be for an ice-free river?

Meanwhile, I continue to sit down at the vise while I'm waiting for my laptop to load, or while I'm uploading or downloading. I've got a nice pocketful of flies to play with when I'm finally on the water.

I've got a good handful of this bead head rabbit strip number, with different colored tails. I like the look of it....

Hook: Gamakatsu T10-6H #6
Thread: Black
Head: Tungsten Bead
Tail: Marabou, a few strips of flash
Body: Black Crosscut Rabbit Strip, wrapped
Throat: Black wool
Flash: Flashabou

These other two? Just playing. But I do like Matukas. I had some good days with them on the Pere Marquette way back when. This one was to review the pattern. Now I'm going to tie up a few industrial strength versions with lots of bling. You know, a steelhead edition.

And so it goes....

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  1. Nice flies.
    I like the red one that appears to be tied in the Matuka style.