Saturday, December 13, 2014

River Report: Tomorrow's Another Day

I got to the river on Friday just one day too late. According to the USGS gauge, the river rose two and a half feet between Thursday and Friday. Just enough to upset my plans.

The weather was good: overcast and temps in the 40s. But there were still random ice floes cracking against the bridge pylon now and then.

I left my waders in the truck, but before heading back home I climbed down the rocks and found a foothold as close to the water as I could. I wanted to see if I could pull something out of the hole behind the pylon.

I've found some nice trout and a few smallmouths tucked in here on other days.

But not this time.

It looked on Saturday like the river had topped out. It should be dropping soon, but it has also turned cold again. Maybe there will be a window between when the river is low enough to wade and it ices up again.

Just remember: tomorrow's another day....


  1. Jim, at least you were able to get out and make some casts on a nice winter day. That water looks promising, but, also cold. Be safe.