Monday, July 13, 2015

July Update

July has been a blur. Haven't been fishing yet.

Caught a flight to Indiana.

Had some catching up to do with the newest grandchild. He was a newborn the last time I saw him.

Then there were the rest of the Indiana grandkids. We had a blast.

Took nature girl Iris to a state park.

Hiked in to Wolf Cave. She wanted to know exactly why it was called Wolf Cave before she decided whether to go in. She did finally go in--a little way--becoming the first ever of her family to enter Wolf Cave. Way to go, girl.

Had a great Fourth of July with the whole Indiana family.

Flew home with Venus and Jupiter pointing the way West.

While I was gone old One Eye got hit on the highway. So long, boy. You were a good cat.

Caught up with the Washington grandkid.

Caught up on some work, too.

Then dealt with the catastrophic failure of our water system. Still don't have water, and are waiting for expensive repairs.

Then hit the road for the coast and another soccer tournament.

Now I've got what looks like a window of opportunity to get some fishing in this week before I leave for another trip back east this weekend.

But this trip back east is to the Henry's Fork for a week on the water with Brother John. Got some flies to tie, and gear to pack before I'm ready.

But then again, I'm so ready....

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