Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trout Lake Report: Fishing Fun At Last

You go to take a look-see on a hot afternoon. Over two weeks since you've been here.

Water's down.

Weeds are up.

You kick over to the inlet side.

There's life here. Fish are leaping in and out of the weeds. They like your muddler--if you strip it hard.

Fishing fun at last.

It feels browny, but you can't raise one.

You kick back over to the truck side. Check out the shoreline down to the far north end.

Nothing. Nothing to be seen or heard on the inlet side now, either.

You hang out in a heavy hatch of callibaetis. Lay out a callibaetis dry in case things turn on.

But the show's over.

For now.

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