Thursday, July 30, 2015

Henry's Fork Report: Prelude

I'm back.  We had our usual adventure at the Henry's Fork. More than ever, circumstances required that we call up the old pioneer spirit of persistence in the face of adversity.

We had one day on the Henry's at our favorite location. The fishing was slow. But there's always tomorrow, right?

Wrong. The word was out: tomorrow there would be a major release from the Island Park dam that would last for three days, striking at the heart of our stay, and rendering the river a poor bet at best.

Resiliency and a change of plans was called for. We headed for the Tetons and the river that bears their name. Not a bad place to wet a line and lose the trout of a lifetime.

And before all was said and done we had a shot or two at some nice fish back at the rejuvenated Henry's--and we managed to hit the mark more than once.

Good to be home. Much reminiscing to follow imminently.

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