Thursday, January 7, 2016

New York Public Library: So Much to See, So Little Time

From the New York Public Library on their Facebook page:

Did you know that more than 187,000 of the items in our Digital Collections are in the public domain? Starting today, the Library now makes it possible to download all of these items at the highest resolution images available directly from the Digital Collections website. We’ve even created a few tools, projects, and explorations designed to inspire your own creations—go forth and reuse! 

I went in for a look. The vast range of topics and materials is breathtaking, from print to photographs to art and illustration to you name it. In just a few short minutes I was focused in on one of my topics of interest.

These illustrations are from an 1896 natural history of North American fishes,  J.L. Petrie, artist, Eastern Brook Trout and German Brown Trout respectively..

These are 19th century cigarette cards from Great Britain.

This is a chromolithograph of "Trout: Salmo Fario" by Edward Donovan published between 1802 and 1808.

Wonder what they've got on fly tying? So much to see, so little time.

You can learn about the collections HERE.

Or you can go directly to the Digital Collections HERE.


  1. Thanks for that Jim...I just spent half an afternoon at work perusing through some of the collections. Amazing really, and lots of interesting stuff that isn't even related to fishing.

    1. Definitely. I was back on it again today. Good way to expand one's horizons on a gray January day.