Friday, January 8, 2016

Fly Tying: New Year's Party

I've continued to do some dribs and drabs of tying, still thinking of a full range of surface and sub-surface flies for Rocky Ford. So I added some nymphs and flymphs and griffith's gnats to the scuds and chironimids and midges and mays I had already tied.

Then I got distracted by stimulators. But I want some when I'm down there on that spring creek.

It looks like I can finally get away on Friday for my first fishing trip of the year. I've tucked all my new flies into a separate fly box ready to go. It has a special compartment just for my secret weapon: MICE. That's going to be fun. I'm eager to see what kind of a New Year's party I can get going with those Rocky Ford Rainbows.


  1. Wonderful Jim.
    1st pic upper left...whats the fly?

    1. My attempt at a flymph. Olive hare's ear dubbing, brown hackle. I More or less followed a pattern in Dave Hughes' "Essential Trout Flies." I fished this under an indicator on my last trip but got no pulls. Under the right conditions though I believe this fished in the film would get some attention. Thanks, Alan.