Friday, March 18, 2016


Patagonica from Dapp on Vimeo.

Taking a dreamy and unique approach to adventure cinematography, Dapp and a hand picked crew ventured into the wilds of Chile and Argentina carrying the latest in 4K cinematography in order to bring you Patagonica. Covering over 6000km of Patagonia’s back roads and mountain passes, the team carried out an unprecedented production pace by carrying everything by hand, and producing world class cinematography during the transformational rigors of existing in the mountains.

In order to craft a true cinematic narrative in his signature way, Dapp began editing Patagonica 7 days into a 28 day venture. On the dusty back routes of Chile’s Carratera Austral, the spirit of the adventure was sewed into this piece, music was chosen. The ‘preface’ beginning of the film itself is actually boarded out to a famous lecture about dreams and adventure moulding to the spirit of insight even after the narration form was removed.

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  1. Hey Jim, Thanks for sharing this. It's awesome!