Saturday, July 2, 2016

Family Post: Captain Sebastian

We closed out June with a canoe trip.

I haven't had the canoe out in a long time. Ever since a tree fell on it I get sad when I see it. But though the bow seat will no longer safely bear the weight of an adult, Sebastian is just the right size and weight.

Before the tree broke it, Lidia, Sebastian's mom, was a frequent occupant of that bow seat, and we spent many happy hours fishing trout lake. She caught fish, too, including a 20 inch Rainbow on a Caddis dry.

So when we packed up the canoe for a spin it was a reunion for Lidia and the maiden voyage for Sebastian. 

Sebastian was excited and proud to wear a life jacket, and especially to be in the bow seat. I think he thought being in the front made him the captain.

Photo: Lidia

The evening was warm and calm, perfect for a canoe ride.

Photo: Lidia

Sebastian dug it. Go over there. Captain's orders.


We did take a couple of rods along: Sebastian's little spinning rod and my fly rod. We trolled with both, and even anchored for awhile so Lidia could fish a little mayfly dry and Sebastian could watch an indicator over a nymph. (The joke is that I used an actual bobber for the indicator.) I kept hoping that at least one fish would be good to us, but it was not to be. (Next time I think I'll take Sebastian to Fish Lake where it's legal to fish with worms. I'd love to see him catch a trout.)

Photo: Lidia

But Sebastian didn't mind at all about the fishing. All he wanted to do was paddle.

Photo: Lidia

Maybe some day we'll have a new canoe, and I'll be in the bow with my fly rod, and Sebastian will be in the stern paddling his old Grandpa around the lake.

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