Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"The Daylight Is Huge" by Amy MacLennan

Sunrise on the Summer Solstice, seen from North Shore of Lake Superior
at Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnestota,
Photo by Stephen G. Weaver

The daylight is huge.
Five a.m. and the sky already
blushing gray. Mornings so full
of blue the clouds almost sheepish
as they wisp over hills.
High noon only happens in June,
mid-day a tipping point, the scale
weighed down on both sides
with blazed hours. And the evenings—
so drawn out the land lies stunned
by that shambling last light.

"The Daylight is Huge" by Amy MacLennan from The Body, A Tree. © MoonPath Press, 2016. 

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