Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday Fishing Report: Sanctuary

Caddis are more a factor here than in any other stretch of water that I know of. So I tied on Lidia's Caddis. Things started slow as I worked the lake edge of the shoreline weedbeds. But I was able to coax this trout to take.
I saw slashing rises beginning inside the weedbeds right at the bank. One spot looked well-patrolled by some good fish. I worked my way in and dropped my fly right into their kitchen.
Almost instantly a fish came to it. I had been expecting another slashing, splashing strike, if I got anything. But the take was understated, almost delicate. If I had looked away for a moment I might have missed it.
I tightened on a heavy fish. I couldn't back out into open water as I sometimes do, and I couldn't pause to reel in slack line, so I kept levering his head up as well as I could and stripped him in through the weeds.
He was the best Rainbow of the season so far, one of the best ever. He was two handspans from his head to the fork of his tail, so I make him at 19 inches.
I began to feel like myself again.
I dropped the fly back into the same place. Again a quick take, a weedy battle, and a beautiful fish. This take was even more delicate. I saw a single, thin ripple begin to expand and noticed that the fly was gone.
I like my work. I try to help harried souls find sanctuary.
But sometimes what gets me through is knowing right where my sanctuary is.

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