Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday Fishing Report: Hopper Time?

One swallow may not a Spring make, but do two Hopper Days make Hopper Time?
The wind was from the north this morning and the valley was full of Canadian smoke.
Speaking of Canada, as I write this the northern sky is putting on a display of Northern Lights. A wide band of ghostly white light stretches from horizon to horizon, and beneath it clouds of light shift and configure into curtains, fans and shafts.
Could it have anything to do with the smoke? Or is it just the end of the world?
Perhaps it's a celestial omen: Let there be Hopper Time.
By the time I got to the lake this evening and put in at the south end the wind had shifted to the south and much of the smoke had cleared, but a haze persisted.
I went right to work with my remaining hopper pattern. Up from the weeds came a ghostly shape and this very nice Rainbow was on.
By now this pattern has definitely been "blooded."
I moved on down the bank and came up fast to this hefty Brown. He went a good 19 inches.
As the waning sunlight slid up over the mountain and dusk settled in I continued to work the bank, but without success. The wind had died by then, and the water was glassy.
A good hatch began at the far southern end, so I paddled over and tried a succession of flies until finally getting a hit on a little gray caddis pattern. I netted the fish, but he slipped out of my hand as I took him out of the net and was gone.
When I couldn't see the fly anymore I drowned it and trolled for shore. All the way in I was thinking, "If it looks like Hopper Time, and sounds like Hopper Time, and feels like Hopper Time...maybe it's Hopper Time."

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