Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thursday Fishing Report: Le Pewed

Visions of large Cutthroats danced in my head. So I headed back to the Cutthroat lake after work.
What I found was a large multiple-family gathering across the lake from the put-in, complete with two jet skis and a large motorboat. (And ATV's and fireworks.)
Add those to the list of aesthetic challenges faced by this little lake.
I'm pretty dang certain that "special regulations" on a lake includes the proviso that motors are prohibited except for electric motors. But, there they were.
The "waves" you see are swells from their wakes. There they go again, just out of frame on the right.
Our friend Ben has an anti-jet ski tactic when he goes fishing. Isaiah fished with him once and saw it in action. Ben takes his BB/Pellet gun with him in the boat. When a jet ski starts to get too close, he picks it up, looks right at the jet skier, and begins to pump it.
He doesn't point it at anyone; he says he's never had to.
I trolled for a couple hours with not even a bump. I don't know if the fish were as put off by the motorized watercraft as I was, but it's a valid assumption.
Eventually it was suppertime, I guess, because they cut the engines and left the water. I still had some time before dark, and was happy to see this Callibaetis and many of his brethren begin hatching.
It was a good hatch, and I had a few flings at rising fish. I tried an Adams. Then a caddis. Then a smaller Adams. Then I clipped the Adams. Nothing worked. The feeding pattern was too random to hone in on a particular fish.
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
I admit, I considered just not reporting on this trip. But that, of course, would be dishonest. So when the homeless guy living in his truck in the camping area came over (it was going on 10 PM and he said he was beginning to worry about me) and asked how I'd done, I told him honestly.
He said, "You didn't catch any??"
No, homeless guy, thanks for your concern, but I didn't catch any.

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