Friday, August 27, 2010

Lake Report: Touch of Fall

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Lidia went with me again this evening. She actually said, without prompting, "Do you think I can catch that fish that got away last time?" Anyone who still remembers a fish that took your fly two months ago--and is still mad about it--is a fisherperson.
I gave her the Big Bomber and was hoping that the sudden cool-off (95 yesterday, 75 today) wouldn't cool off the fish. There were some fish up, and both of us got some swirls and hits, but no hookups.
Just as Lidia was really getting into it the wind shifted to the north and began to blow hard. Then it started to rain. Nothing in the weather report about that. I had a rain jacket, but Lidia didn't. I decided not to get her wet on what promised to be a cool evening, so we paddled in for a break.
It gave me a chance to admire my new feather. I think it's from a Magpie based on the other feathers scattered with it. Notice the older feathers; says something about the amount of wind and rain we've had this season.
After about half an hour the rain dwindled away and blue sky opened up to the north.
We headed back down to the lake for another go.
Not so many fish up after the rain, and no more swirls to the big flies. I put a caddis on Lidia's line, and a caddis-like little stimulator on mine.
I managed a couple of little fish, and then this better one. A bleeder.
Lidia worked at it, but the wind was still pretty stiff from the north, and she wasn't able to get her fly over any of the risers. It was also cooling down fast, and I noticed Lidia kept scrunching lower and casting less. She finally reeled in and huddled up. She claimed she was fine, and that I could keep fishing...if I wanted to.
The fishing had also cooled down by then, and the wind showed no sign of letting up, and more rain threatened in the north. Lidia finally admitted she was pretty cold. I wasn't exactly hot.
So we packed it in. It was actually pleasant to get off the water with plenty of daylight left for loading up. And it was pleasant too to have Lidia crank the heater up for the drive home.
On the way she said, without prompting, "Next time I'm going to dress warmer!"
Looking forward to it.

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