Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lake Report: Two Boys, Two Lakes, One Good Time

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No better way to spend a hot, August evening. We caught more fish than are pictured. Jeremiah caught two bass bigger than he's caught before, but both flopped in the water before I could get a photo. We're not talking lunkers, but 12 or 13 inches is a big step up from five.
I love to see him working that Roostertail, his favorite lure. It's how many of us got started.
Now if I could just get him to wade in the river with me. He's watched too much Discovery channel, though, and has this notion that Bull Sharks could--it's possible--swim up the Columbia, and right up the Okanogan, and right up to where he's wading....
But if I could get him to swing that Roostertail in the river, he'd realize what he's been missing. And he just might begin to understand his Dad a little bit better.

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