Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fishing Report: More Wet Wading

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Had to go back.
It was another very hot, very hazy day, and a military cargo plane droned overhead, coming, perhaps, from helping at a fire we hear is now burning in BC.
The fishing was good for the boys. Fewer fish but generally bigger than the last time. I fished, too, using Jeremiah's rod when he was taking a dip. Caught a couple.
I watch the boys fishing while swimming--Jeremiah says we should call it "fimming," not "swishing"--and think maybe I take along too much stuff when I fish.
Ah, simplicity. It seems so elusive to me, yet so natural for the boys.
The boys fished so hard they used up a dozen night crawlers. So they had the bright idea of catching grasshoppers. That was unsuccessful; I went with them but the hoppers are still very small. And very fast. Didn't have a net.
I headed back to the dock, and the boys came a few minutes later. They had asked some other fishermen if they had any worms they could "borrow." They didn't, but they gave them a handful of fish guts.
Not everyone wanted to use guts for bait. Some chose to swim some more.
Fernando chose to fish. He put a long string of guts on his hook and caught his best fish of the day.
Another good day. The boys may not realize it, but I'm sure some day when they yearn for simplicity in their adult lives they'll call back these times when the summer lake was the whole world, and it was enough.
And it was very good.

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