Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Really Like It Here

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All this talk about rivers. Don't forget the lakes. I drove past the lake at the head of our mountain today, as I often do, and found two delights: the ice is breaking up, and the swans are back. You can see both in this photo, though the swans are mere white dots in the background.

There was a pair a little closer, and I got a couple of shots as they drifted across the sunshot water and climbed up onto the ice shelf.

These are good days, as Spring slowly makes its entrance, and it won't be long until Jeremiah and his friends will be swimming and hauling in little Bluegills in this very spot. Long before that I'll be out catching early Rainbows. The wind, strong out of the south today, told me so.

Later, at home, the windy Spring sky was working its magic on the mountain.

I like Oregon. But I really like it here.

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