Saturday, February 12, 2011

Waiting For Rivers

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I'm still waiting for river conditions conducive to wading and fishing. Ironically, the ice broke up on the local river on the day we had that last snow. Then we had another cold snap, and now another thaw, so the flows and level are up, the current studded with ice floes.

I'm jonesin'.

I also checked flows and levels on the Rogue: they're down. I'm hoping for good conditions next week when I'm there.

Meanwhile, Spring signs abound. Even during the cold snap Jeremiah and his friend Ian were outside, and messing around on the ice.

Today a strong wind has been blowing out of the south--Chinookish--and the temperature broke fifty.

The snow is gone from around the woodshed, and the wood supply is slowly dwindling.

The shed yard is crisscrossed with rivulets of snow melt from the few remaining piles of snow from earlier plowings. They're all wadeable, but not really fishable. And while they, and the countless other streams of snow melt, are keeping the river up, I realize that's a good thing.

This too shall pass, in its own good time.

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