Friday, May 13, 2011

Not Really a Lake Report

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I swung by Cutthroat Lake again between work and an evening meeting and played with the Lahontans some more.

While I was there an entire expedition of fly fishers pulled in and paddled out to give it a shot. As far as I could see none caught anything while I was there.

Neither did I, though I had fun trying. The wind was fitful and swirling, and every once in awhile the window would open up and you could see the fish cruising by or lazily finning in the flats. There's something hypnotic about these big fish moving in the green depths. A couple of hours went by quickly.

I offered several different taste temptations, and then settled on a hare's ear under an indicator. I actually got a tug on it, but I felt the fly slide out of the fish's mouth when I tightened up. That happened closer to shore where visibility was blocked by wind and reflection. That fish is in this photo, and here I've flipped the nymph out again trying to intercept it while I could see it and while it was "hot."

But, as you can see if you look closely at this close-up, the fish is lazily swimming away from the nymph.

Well, that's progress, anyway.

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