Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trout Lake Report: A Little Effort--and Lots of Grace

The summer has busied up. Sometimes it takes a little effort--and some grace--to find time for the lake.

Tuesday evening was as calm as could be--too calm.

Hardly anything was moving. Rises were solitary, scattered, and long minutes apart. Perhaps an approaching weather front was working its mysterious influence.

I started with dries, but nothing I offered triggered a spontaneous rise. I tried nymphs under an indicator, but the indicator stayed as still as the glassy surface.

Then a breeze kicked up. There was a brief flurry of splashy rises, then silence. I started trolling the red beadhead Micro Leech.

I went far up the lake. Finally, as hope waned with the light, a take--and a rosy Rainbow in the net.

I trolled all the way back. Not a single bump. I felt lucky to have found one fish. As I said, sometimes it takes a little effort--and lots of grace.


  1. And grace, does not come easy...beautiful post, Jim...

  2. But it comes...often when you least expect it. Thanks, e.m.b.