Sunday, August 7, 2011

"The Trout," by James Laughlin

A trout let us say
a blue blonde trout
     that slips through
     the bars like water
from boite to boite
from man to man but
     only ones she likes
     and almost never for
money and I love she
says I love exagger-
     ate and her mother
     asked the neighbors
qu’est-ce que j’ai
fait au ciel pour
     avoir une fille qui
     est de l’ordure and
she came back from
the palaces of the
     king’s cousin out in
     Siam where they ate
off gold plates and her
whim was his com-
     mand came back to the
     bars and the boys and
the slow swim through
the dim light yes a
     trout let us call her
     a small blond trout.

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