Saturday, August 27, 2011

Youth Sports Post: Football Looms

It's here. Football practice is underway. These are days the boys will remember forever: heavy heat, warm wind cooling their sweaty backs, the pleasant shock of cold water on tongue and neck; and the sweet anticipation of glory.

Jeremiah is an eighth grader this year, one of the Middle School veterans who already know the plays the seventh graders are struggling to learn. The coaches are putting him through the paces as fullback. A dream come true.

Click for animated photo sequence.

Isaiah is a ninth grader: High School. He practices on the actual field. I got there at the end of practice; drills were over and they were unwinding with an energetic game of Hawaiian football. Looks like there will be a Ninth Grade team in addition to Varsity and JV, so Isaiah and his cohorts will get plenty of playing time. The coaches are grooming Isaiah to play quarterback. He sees the potential--Cam Newton is his hero--but he also feels the weight of responsibility that will come with that position. But the Big Time beckons....

Click for animated photo sequence.

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