Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trout Lake Report: Back In the Saddle Again

I'm back home after a wonderful time in Indiana. Five solid days with my grandsons. It doesn't get any more perfect than that.

When I got home, some friends from Chicago had arrived for a few days before taking the loop through Glacier National Park. One of the things Ken wanted to do was go fishing with me. Not to fish, just to spend some time outdoors. I was more than happy to introduce him to Trout Lake.

We arrived around 9 AM, and the day was already hot and bright. I hadn't seen the lake in almost two weeks, so I was glad to find a heavy hatch of midges going on in the channel, and many fish rising to them. I got Ken into a float tube and we paddled out. Ken had his binoculars; I had my fly rod.

There was a Stimulator on the tippet from the last time I was at the lake, so I started with that. Gradually I worked down in size to a little Henryville Caddis and got my first fish. It was good to be back in the saddle again.

I was satisfied at that point, and ready to leave anytime Ken was, but he was having a great time paddling along the shoreline scoping out birds, and carefully studying the mountainsides with his binoculars. So I fished on.

I went to the Carpet Caddis and found fish happy to take it.

The water is down and the weeds are up, so I was keeping a tight line on them.

I still had to dredge this one out of a weedy tangle.

I kept my eye on Ken, but he continued to paddle contentedly along.

And I continued to get plenty of attention with the Carpet Caddis.

Ken gradually worked his way around toward the take out, so I paddled over. I cast the fly out into mid channel and let it drift as I paddled in. Ken suddenly looked around and said,
"That sounded close."
"Yeah," I answered. "It was right behind you."
"A fish?" he asked.
"Was it going for your fly?"
"Yep, and it got it."
"Really? Where is it?"
"It's gone, and so is the fly."

That was a nice fish. It took with authority, and I gave it the same pressure I had been giving the others. But it was having none of it, and simply--and instantly--overpowered the tippet.

I checked in the box: I'm fresh out of Carpet Caddis. Time to tie up a few more before I saddle up again.

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