Friday, October 7, 2011

River Report: That's Why There's a Next Time

I went down to the local river this evening to see what's what. There's another tree down, a delayed effect of the high water.

The big tree that was lodged against the bridge pylon at the Bridge Run has shifted downstream a ways. I also noticed that the bank on the other side of the tree has disappeared. That's a good five foot shelf of bank all along there that has been washed away. That changes my former fishing routine. I used to be able to fish down to where the tree is now and wade out of the backwater onto that bank. The backwater was up to my chest then, even in low water. I don't know what it is now; the current around that tree has created a deep channel that I decided not to test. So this time I had to wade back.

I did fish that channel, getting as close to the tree as I could on the swing. Nothing this time.

The river is full of salmon. Every gravel bar and riffle looks like this. I prospected behind the salmon hoping for a Steelhead or two hoping for some fresh salmon eggs. Again, nothing this time.

There were lots of Caddis, and a good number of tiny BWO's (22's, maybe 24's). This one was facing the wrong way, but here's a good view of why quill-bodied flies are excellent imitations.

I waded across--taking a knee and shipping some river down my waders just a step before I reached shallow water on the other side. How do these things happen?

I fished the Glide, also full of salmon at the downstream end. Nothing this time.

So nothing this time--except a gorgeous river full of life on a gorgeous day. As for the lack of fish caught this time--well, that's why there's a next time.

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