Thursday, October 6, 2011

Youth Sports Post: Isaiah Practices; Jeremiah Ready

Isaiah's knee has rapidly improved. He went to the Doctor right after school on Wednesday and was cleared to practice. He could hardly wait to get on the field. He still had to take it easy, and was disappointed that he couldn't run game drills, but the Doctor still wants to do an MRI before she gives him a clean bill of health. But he certainly savored the chance to pad up again.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah is ready for his Eighth Grade game on Thursday. His team fought to a hard won tie last week. This week they play one of their top rivals, and Jeremiah is pretty sure they're going to lose. I keep telling him if they play like they did last week they have a good chance. Here is one of Jeremiah's hits from that game. He comes streaking in from the left to finish off the opposing quarterback for a loss.

Just do it like that, J... 

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