Monday, October 3, 2011

An Embarrassment of Riches

The upper Columbia and tribs, including my local river and the Methow, opened for Steelhead last Wednesday. On the tribs it's "selective gear" only, which means no bait. There is a mandatory retention rule in effect for hatchery fish, with a limit of two per day.


Time to hit the river. This is the time of year when I have to deal with a very nice conundrum to have: how to budget my fishing time so as to get some time on the river but also not neglect the lake, closing at the end of this month. This year I also have a yen to get back to Chopaka before it's closed. Funny how that lake stays in the back of your mind; maybe it's the sense of isolation up there; maybe it's the image of those fish rising in the early evening calm.


I'll probably get on the river a couple of times, but spend most of my fishing time at the lake(s). The river--and the Methow; I want to get to the Methow--will still be open in November and beyond, while the lakes won't. Still, it's great to be in the river on these warmish October days and evenings when the leaves are gold and the fish are fresh.

Ahhh, 2010

Don't feel sorry for me; I'll work it out.

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