Thursday, October 20, 2011

Youth Sports Post: Jeremiah Shines

When you have two sons playing football on two different teams it doesn't do to post pictures of only one kid. So here are some of Jeremiah in the Eighth Grade game on Tuesday night.

I have to give Jeremiah his props. He played a very good game, something I couldn't see very well as I was taking the poor video on my sick camera. (The auto-focus is screwed up.) I saw it all as I played the videos on my computer, slowing them way down searching for decent screen shots.

He made a nice run.

He made a nice catch, fully extended to snag the ball out of the air. Unfortunately, that video was too blurred for a screenshot.

He made some nice blocks, just enough to let the runner get by the defender.

And he made some nice tackles, the thing he tells me he enjoys the most. Here he's squaring up on the goal line keyed in on the runner. He hit him and drove him back for a loss. 

And here time stands still as he goes airborne for a touchdown-saving tackle, a feeling I imagine he will relive fondly for the rest of his life.

Click for animated photo sequence.

Our team lost the game, but Jeremiah did his part.

Great game, J.

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