Friday, April 6, 2012

Doc of the Drakes

Today is Good Friday. Some of you may take note of what this day commemorates. Whether you do or not, take a look at what a little sacrifice and a little love can do. Sure, Pete's the guide, and Doc likely pays him. But I'm sure Doc wouldn't have it any other way. That's because this isn't about charity. It's about two friends going the extra mile to make both lives richer.

(Oh yeah, and it's about Silver Creek, Brown Drakes and a 25 inch Brown. Oh yeah.)


  1. What a great story...we should all be so lucky when a bad hand is dealt to us. Definitely makes you stop and think , which I'm guessing was your entire point. Okay , it also made me wanna go fishing , after all I'm only human!!

  2. Ha! Yeah, made me want to go fishing THERE.