Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trout Lake Report: The End of Winter

I have stayed away on opening day in the past, to avoid the crowds, but I decided I had waited long enough to get back to Trout Lake. It was crowded, for a lake if not for a city street, but I found solitude and trout enough to make me glad I was there. The first fish of the season came to a scud under an indicator. So did the second. After that I was content to paddle around and troll and take in the sights, including a rushing inlet busy filling the lake. I caught three more fish before finally calling it a day. When I was packed up and on the road again it was already 9 pm. It's official: Winter is completely and irrevocably over.


  1. After looking at those photos, you have the right frame of mind to face another day.

  2. Appreciate the post. Always interested to learn from others stillwater experience. Great photos too.

  3. Nice pics! I lived in washington many moons ago when I was a starving student, and my brother and I always looked forward to opening day on lakes like chopaka, dry falls, and lenice. I know what you mean by crowded tho. We used to call it the cheerio hatch. When you approached dry falls from the hill, and looked down onto the lake it looked like a big bowl of cheerios with all the donut tubes floating on it. Good fishing though, and I got to fish a lot earlier than I do now.