Friday, April 13, 2012

A Photo Miscellany

In my browsings on the internet I tend to collect photos that I think I might eventually use on this blog. More often than not they languish in my files. So I'm pulling some out for your education and enjoyment.

 This one greatly appealed to me back in the dark days of winter.
Something about lost seasons, lost hopes, lost loves....

 I found some beautifully delicate line drawings by an artist in Japan who fishes in Hokkaido.
I greatly regret having no more information than that, but the drawing speaks for itself.

It's good to know exactly what it is we are trying not to squeeze too hard
as we extract the fly and release the trout.

What is it about mermaids? This one makes me happy.

This photo is for purely instructional purposes. I'm sure the first thing you noticed
 was that she isn't holding the rod correctly. For one thing, the reel is set up for a left-handed caster.
And as long as she's holding the rod in her right hand, why isn't she holding any line in her left hand?
Makes me think maybe she really doesn't know how to fly fish.
(Where is her left hand, anyway?)


  1. Very educational. You made my day!

  2. and my wife wonders why I read fishing blogs....

  3. I love that Japanese painting. Very detailed.

  4. Is there a flyrod in that last picture?? I guess my focus was elsewhere...shame on me!!

  5. To All: Ha! You made me laugh. But Brk Trt gets the cultured gentleman prize.