Saturday, October 27, 2012


Supercell at twilight, Olney, Texas

If you follow this blog you know I like clouds. These photos are by Kelly DeLay, a photographer posting a cloud photo every day. They are beautiful. Go to his website at clouds365 for more. I've also added this link to my favorite sites list in the right margin. And I've added his blog to my blog list. Enjoy.

Summer storm over Snake River, Grand Teton National Park

Speaking of clouds, I learned on newswatch.nationalgeographic that cloud watchers believe they have discovered a new cloud type which they have designated as undulatus asperatus. In fact, there's an organization called  The Cloud Appreciation Society that is actively lobbying for official recognition of the name. This photo of undulatus asperatus, taken in 2009 over Cedar Rapids, Iowa, got the movement started.

Choppy clouds over Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in an undated picture

That got me thinking of some of my photos from the Henry's Fork in 2010. What do you think? I think these may be undulatus.

That was a good day for clouds. On that same day, this evening storm followed us off the river. Yeah, I really like clouds.


  1. Yeh, clouds are cool. The best ones we get down here are formed over the mountains when a storm is coming in, but I guess you have to include the ones that formed the 4 tornado's last week down in the valley.

  2. Nothing's better than sitting on the deck and watching a storm roll in. Great post