Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fly Tying: For Old Times' Sake

The weather is turning. There is talk of the first snow on the mountain passes. Our own low temperatures will dip below freezing on the next few nights, and daytime temperatures will struggle to reach fifty. And yes, there's rain forecast, which means we, too, could wake up some morning soon to find that snow has progressed from talk to reality.

All this means taking advantage of the remaining relatively warm days while they last. And that means a few more flies for the occasion. Funny how in October orange and black flies seem to be just the thing. But I also couldn't resist a sweet little peacock stimulator, just in case some discriminating fish prefer something less garish.

Steelhead fishing opened on Columbia tribs on the 16th. That's my river. And the lake season closes on Halloween. So soon I will be tying up a few more steelhead flies and braving the icy flows once again. But for now, a few more lake flies. Just for old times' sake.

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