Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Notes

There's a new fire burning closer to home. The St. Mary's Mission Road Fire is about 25 miles south of us. This is just one edge of a much larger fire. Smoke hasn't been too bad for us, but the city of Omak, famous for the Omak Stampede, has had some smoky days. This morning I saw smoke from a burn to the north of us. I haven't been able to find a fire report on that yet.

Still running the sprinklers in the pasture. Went out today and saw a beautiful Marsh Hawk. They always make me think of the Henry's Fork; we often see them there, sometimes swooping right over us as we rest along the bank. This is a female. Males are smaller and are a striking gray and black. The white rump patch is diagnostic for both. They seldom soar, hunting with a moth-like flight just a few feet over the ground.

There are water boatmen in the horse tank. Fishermen take note.

Praying mantises are everywhere. This fat female should be constructing an egg case any day now on a stout weed stalk. The eggs will overwinter and hatch in the spring.

The nights are chilly. A controlled burn in the wood stove feels real good.


  1. Hope those fires keep their distance and the flames inside the woodstove are the only ones you have to worry about.

  2. We are almost to the wood stove place. Last night was 48 degrees with 65 in the house this morning. Mentioned you in the last post.


    ps, I was going to say something about you living somewhere other than the float tube, but held back.