Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Lights

Once in awhile we get a display of the Northern Lights. Usually its a pale reflection of what folks are probably seeing in Alaska. On Monday we had the best display I've seen here so far. My camera can't do justice to what I was able to see with the naked eye, so I jacked up the exposure on these shots. Which revealed more than I could see with the naked eye. The color is brighter in these photos than what I actually saw, for example.

But these photos also show far less than I saw. They don't reveal the sheer extent of the clouds of light as they shifted over the night sky. There were times when they reached almost directly overhead. And these photos don't show the most amazing thing of all, the waves of light that would flicker rapidly across the sky. I've never seen that before. It was a little unsettling, or maybe I was feeling awe at a completely new experience, but there was definitely a part of my brain telling me, "Something's wrong--that can't be happening."

But most of my brain was telling me, "Wow! Are you getting this?"

I love it here. I think I know what I want engraved on my headstone: "Will wonders never cease?"

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  1. Very cool!! I've never witnessed them before but I've heard from a friend that it was simply amazing to see in person. Mother Natures wonders never cease to amaze...