Friday, June 14, 2013

Trout Lake Report: Brown Drake Muddler

The drakes are here, so you tie up a Brown Drake Muddler prototype.

The lake is breezy, cloudy, sunny, fishy.

You start with a brown muddler. You pick up some fish tucked in tight along the shoreline. You're enjoying the big takes on a dead drifting fly.

The sun drops lower and goes in and out of the clouds, creating brief false dusks, and the bugs are suddenly popping everywhere. Grannom caddis and little black caddis are thick.

Then the first drakes begin helicoptering up.

You switch to the Brown Drake Muddler. The fish like it.

You tied it sparse, and it gets waterlogged, so you go back to the brown muddler. You start a slow kick back toward the truck and pick up a couple more fish along the way.

You'll tie up some more Brown Drake Muddlers, not quite so sparse. The fish, like you, want all they can get.

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