Saturday, August 23, 2014

Trout Lake Report: The Brown Train

You think it's the right thing to do. You go back to the cool waters of the inlet. It's good for the fish. It's good for you.

There are some small fish rising where the current spreads out. You drop a Damselator here and there, letting it drift, expecting to catch another bait fish for a Brown.

Instead, when the Damselator is sucked under, you come up on the Brown itself. Another lovely fish.

Thank you again, Damselator.

Then you settle down to catching bait fish.

And enjoying the sky, and the light. The big fire nearby is 95% contained, and the smoke, and the resulting white-out, is gone.

The Callibaetis are back at dusk. You tie on a Callibaetis pattern and hope another Brown, or a hefty Rainbow or two, may come cruising by.

Instead you catch a few more little tiny guys. You actually enjoy their acrobatic flips and over-the-top explosions on the fly.

You get one take that for a moment feels like a good fish. At least it's more than 6 inches long. It deserves a photo.

Time to head in, but you'll be back. You'll ride the Brown train as far as it goes.

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