Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trout Lake Report: Callibaetis Watch

It's evening, and you're back. You just like the idea of throwing out a Callibaetis dry and seeing what happens. It's so much better than TV.

On the way across the lake you throw a muddler. Right on the margin of the reeds, in very skinny water, you get a take by a fat, healthy Rainbow.

That's an encouraging sign. Maybe the season of the muddler is coming back. But you're here for the Callibaetis.

First, though, you're curious about the Damselator. So is a hefty Rainbow.

Soon it's time for the Callibaetis, and they show up right on schedule.

The first fish to come to a Callibaetis dry is a Brown, small but all Brown in its pissed off attitude at being caught. The Brown Train chugs on.

You have a Zen moment as you become one with the evening lake in the digital display. But you do notice that double rise down near your fly.

So you put the camera away and proceed to catch that fish.

You wait for a general uprising by the fish, but they are content to wait for another day. So you must do the same.

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