Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trout Lake Report: Sleepy

Back to the lake. You launch at the channel again. This mid-lake stretch has been asleep recently, but you're scouting out this and other prime areas. You want to know when they wake up. The cooler weather persists. You hope it might make a difference.

You explore the channel.

You work John's Cove and out into the south lake.

Still asleep. So you kick over to where the channel opens up into the north lake.

This has been Damselator territory, but nobody's looking up today.

At dusk you see Callibaetis on the water.

Soon the air is full of midges and dancing mays.

You wait for the feeding to begin, but only a few fish are coming up every once in awhile. You wait and wait, and finally get only one rise to your mayfly pattern--and miss it. You were looking somewhere else--as usual.

The dragonflies are busy feeding, slashing through the swarming insects. They take breaks on the tube.

Just before full dark the rises quit. Have the fish all gone to sleep? You clip the mayfly off and tie on the bead head Woolly Bugger. You troll a loop out in open water. Just before you close the loop you find a fish still up.

OK. Now you feel sleepy. Time to head for home.

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