Monday, September 1, 2014

Trout Lake Report: The Final Trip of August

You go back to the channel. It's another windy day, and you trace the long shoreline into the south end throwing a muddler. You can't find any fish.

Halfway down you tie on a bead head Woolly Bugger and begin to troll your way across the lake.

Halfway across you get a strong take and net a fat Rainbow.

You switch to the muddler again and start down the other shoreline. You get an explosive hit but no hookup.

The wind dies away and a few fish are rising. You can see Callibaetis in the air. You tie on a Callibaetis dry and cast to rises. After awhile you get a take.

That's pretty much it. There are risers, but there's a long time between rises. You stick with the mayfly dry, and just at dusk you catch one more fish. It's not the worst day you've ever had, but you hope that the arrival of September will stir things up.

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