Monday, September 22, 2014

Youth Sports Post: Win Number Two

Our team got a victory in game two, but neither of our boys played. Isaiah had a hamstring issue, and Jeremiah had an unexcused absence issue. Both had improved by last Friday, I'm happy to say, and took the field for game three. I haven't had time to work on the video, but I extracted a few frames for this report.

It's still amazing to me to see them on the field together. Jeremiah is number 29, and Isaiah wears number 24.

Isaiah had another stellar game, running for four touchdowns. Here he sweeps left for his first score.

And here he breaks free for a forty yard gain.

Jeremiah had said after the first game that he didn't think football was fun. It probably wasn't then. He plays defense, and got blocked hard for most of the game. So this time he decided to be proactive, I guess. He seemed to have lots of fun, especially on kickoffs like this one.

He would level his man, then pop up to get in on the tackle. He also got this beautiful solo open-field tackle.

And, as a corner back who takes his inspiration from the Seahawks' Richard Sherman, he covered his man like a rug and broke up a pass on this play.

So we had another great Friday night under the lights, and our team went away with a 41 to 6 win to bring their record to 2 and 1.

Now I have a few things to do before heading down the road for a Monday game. Jeremiah will play with the Junior Varsity today against one of our chief rivals. Word is they're pretty good this year.

Looking forward to it.

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