Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Youth Sports Post: Isaiah Runs For 217 Yards in Season Opener

The high school football season opened last Friday night. It was the first time both our boys were on the field at the same time. Here they are, as the game ends; Jeremiah is number 29, and Isaiah is number 24.

Jeremiah did well considering that this is the first he's played football since he was in Middle School. He's a Junior this year. He helped the JV team to a victory in the early game with some nifty running, and then played defense--he's a safety--in the Varsity game.

But this is Isaiah's year. He's a Senior now, and has become the primary running back after missing his entire sophomore season with a torn ACL. He ran for 217 yards in this opening game, which very much impressed his Dad.

The hard thing is that it came in a losing effort. We led the entire way until late in the fourth quarter when our opponents came back strong to go up 39 to 35. Our final drive was within 20 yards of the end zone when we ran out of time.

Still, it was a noble effort, and we're proud--the whole town is proud--of our boys and this team. It's going to be an exciting season.

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