Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cutthroat Lake Report: Three Best Things Not Fish

I did get over to Cutthroat Lake the other day. It was windy, and stayed windy. I took a long circuit around the lake trolling several gaudy flies deep, shallow, and deeper. I even threw a muddler up against a formerly productive stretch of shoreline. Caught nothing, saw nothing.

The three best things to come out of the trip were 1. Some much-needed exercise; 2. Seeing and hearing a high string of Sandhill cranes; and 3. Having a handful of swallows swoop around me for a short time, surely one of the last contingents of migrators, and the last sighting of swallows until Spring returns.

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  1. We have a local lake called Heenan Lake. Open only in September and October and then only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's the breeding lake for the Lahotan Cutthroat Trout. The best color for a fly is red. Maybe a little help from down South.